Performing Arts Collective

FORUM-THREE is not for profit. It is  our labour of love. Yet we have our expenses. To make the ends meet, we undertake corporate assignments for a fee in the following areas:

  • Conducting theatre workshops, on acting, stage lighting, backstage management etc. both on-site and off-site
  • Week-end workshops (pantomime, puppetry and dance theatre) involving your employees and their family
  • Mount stage shows for your employees and clients.
  • Organising interactive supper theatre
  • Organizing festivals of plays, musicals, musical performances and dance recitals

A workshop on stage lighting in progress. Roorkee.
Creating Roman Helmets of the pre Christian era for a workshop on costumes and accessories.

Dr. Bishu Chatterjee and his Double Bass.  An interactive musical workshop

Geeta and Gopal Navale on Veena and Guitar. A  fusion music workshop performance for an intimate audience

A Dance movement workshop. Internal. in preparation of our latest production : Schweyk In The Second World War. Led by Sachin Kumar of Oxygen Danz.