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 About the Play

Written in 1943 by celebrated playwright and poet Bertolt Brecht, Schweyk in the Second World War (Schweyk im Zweiten Weltkrieg) is a retelling of Jaroslav Hašek’s 1923 novel The Good Soldier Švejk. Brecht wrote the play when he was in exile in California.


Set in Prague during World War II, Schweyk in the Second World War deals with the exploits of the soldier Schweyk, a patriot at heart masquerading as a half-wit and yet speaking words of wisdom and sanity. The Third Reich has made life miserable for the “Little Man” (a derogatory reference to the common man) and amidst the struggle to remain alive, Schweyk provides a stark contrast by surviving and surmounting every hazard with humour and sagacity. And then he comes face to face with the Furher himself.


Bertolt Brecht

Bertolt Brecht (1898–1956) was a German  poet, playwright and theatre director. Brecht was one of the great theatre per- sonalities of the 20th century. He contributed greatly to dram- aturgy  and  theatrical production.  Along  with his wife, the actress Helene Weigel, he ran the renowned theatre compa- ny, ‘Berliner Ensemble.’ In developing the combined theory and practice  of his “epic  theatre,” Brecht synthesized and extended the experiments of earlier masters to explore the theatre as a forum for political ideas and also the creation of a critical aesthetics of dialectical materialism.


About this Production

Forum-Three has premiered the play Schweyk in the Second World War on 12, 13, 14 September

2014 at Rangasthala, Metro Boulevard, M G Road. Next performance dates are:

11 (Sat), 12 (Sun), 19 (Sun) October 2014 at Alliance Francaise, Bangalore.

Here is the full list of the cast and the crew and 'About" them.


(in alphabetical order)

Anasuya Sanyal (Customer I), 

Annie George (Customer II), 

Aryaman Chakraborty (Goebbels), 

“Sihi Kahi” Chandru (Schweyk),

Debasis Chakraborty (Himmler, customer),

Dipayan Banerjee (Goering),

Hari RaviKumar /Sagnik Sinha (Brettschneider), 

Jurgen Nigli (Various characters)

Mitankar Das Sarkar /Jurgen Nigli (Von Bock),

Koushik Roy (Hitler),

Madhusree Baral (Mrs. Kopecka), 

Praloy Kumar Dey (Various roles),

Sagnik Sinha / Varun kainth /(Prochazka),

Shampa Nath /Annie George (Kati),

Shekhar Sanyal (Bullinger I & 2),

Sulagna Halder / Pooja Gupta (Anna)


Vijay Sharma (Baloun)



Music composition and violin Sudipto Das

Piano Darwin Patrick

Choreography  Sachin Kumar of Oxygendanz

Audiovisual design  Shekhar Sanyal

Audio-visual support: Satyarup Siddhanta & Sulagna HAlder

Lighting design  Sayandeb Bhattacharya

Lighting support  Priyanka Bhattacharya & Soumyajit Ghosh

Costume design  Sangeeta Ghoshal

Costume graphic design Debasis Chakraborty

Make up  NK Ramakrishna

Production Control Sangeeta Ghoshal

Production coordination  Sulagna Halder

Backstage management  Annie George

Online management Nilanjana Chakraborty

Brochure editing  Hari Ravikumar

Directorial consultant  Dr. Zulfia Shaikh


Van Heusen

KC Das Pvt. Ltd. (Confectioners),

Dasaprakash (Restaurant)

Dr. Ujjwal Das (Cambridge, UK)

Mr. Jawhar Sherani (Saudi Arabia)

Oxygen Danz Company

Bangalore School of Speech and Drama

Mr. Vasanth Rao (BMRC -Namma Metro)

Ms. Nilanjana Rakshit (Calcutta, India)

Ms. Jenifer Dorman

Vantage (Complete Outdoor Solution)

Purandar Chaudhuri

Prahlad Nanjappa (Fryed)

Satish M (Design Esthetics)

Profile of the Team

Most of the actors and the members of the crew are engaged otherwise professionally. This production is a workshop experience for almost all of them. Read on for a glimpse into their background. An interestingly diverse profile they have. (The photos are in random order).

Sulagna Halder presently  works as a senior Country Risk Analyst at ANZ Bank after completing her masters in Economics from JNU, New Delhi. She is a singer by passion and a photographer by  enthusiasm. She aspires to live artistically.

 Anasuya Sanyal teaches English at Vibgyor High School. She holds a master’s degree in English literature from Calcutta University. In the past she has worked in Customer Relations with various prestigius companies. She is fond of music and reading.


Koushik Roy is the Regional Head of Yusen Logistics,  Headquartered in Japan.  He has an MBA in Operations  and  Supply Chain and has over fifteen years of corporate experience in the manufacturing, trading and service industries. He is an ardent lover of theatre, music and folk dance.


Debasis Chakraborty is a serial entreprenuer  who co-founded He is presently  the Director  of ACDC Commerce, launching  He  is  trying to bring about a silent revolution in the e-commerce industry. His passions:  theatre, cricket and books..

Dr. Zulfia Shaikh, has the distinction of being a double graduate with distinction in Effective Communication and Drama. She is the only Indian qualified by the Trinity Guildhall College to teach Communication Skills not only in India but in UK and all the

Commonwealth countries as well. Dr. Zulfia is a medical doctor by profession, who jumped the fence to pursue her passion in theatre and oration.

Praloy Kumar Dey has more than twenty years of experience in sales, marketing and business development in IT and Media. As the Country Director of NextLink India, he is helping build a process-driven organization, delivering high-end services to clients. Passion: Theatre and world cuisine..

Aryaman Chakraborty, all of eleven, has a fulltime job as a student of class 6 at Gopalan National School. Healso  fulfills his passion of swimming, gaming and reading books. Apart from being a champion swimmer, he is also naturally gifted at acting.

Vijay Sharma has extensive experience in Banking and Financial Services Technology  consulting.  He enjoys running, playing tennis, and telling stories to kids. Vijay also works as a volunteer with the Indian Cancer  Society. In the past  he has acted in plays like Moliere’s Bichoo and  Agatha  Christie’s  Witness for  the Prosecution.

Hari Ravikumar is the co-author of The New Bhagavad-Gita,  a simple  English translation of the ancient text. At various points in his life, he has worked as a software programmer, music teacher, copy-editor, product strategist, graphic designer, translator and event manager. His hobbies  include  playing  the violin and writing short stories.

Shekhar  Sanyal  is  the  India  Director and  Country head  of Europe’s largest engineering institution, Institution of En- gineering  Technology (IET). He works with amateur theatre groups and has acted in over ten plays in English and Bengali.

Jurgen Nigli presently works as an Engineer at Assystem India   His hobbies  include  drawing cartoons, acting and playing football. Jurgen has been a part of pantomime shows in Chennai. This is his first play in B'lore.


Ranjon Ghoshal considers  himself a theatre person first. Among other hats he wears are those of a singer, an adman and a writer. Ranjon claims to have made a smart move by giving up his techie-career long before smartphones became ubiquitous.

 He is among the founders of India’s first indigenous  rock band, Mohiner Ghoraguli. Recently, Ranjon spoke at the University of California, Berkeley on Tagore and his Plays, marking the beginning of his lecture tour of universities across the world.


Varun Kainth 

has been in Bangalore for the past 7 years now. He works with HP and has traveled the country for both work and pleasure.  A big fan of melancholy themes and depressingly slow pace in books and movies. He loves the outdoors, wishes to work among the trees and stay in a cabin in the woods some day.

Sachin Kumar is the founder-director at Oxygen Danz Company. A graduate from NMAMIT and NITTE, he runs a dance academy and an event management outfit in Bangalore. He has choreographed for over a hundred stage shows..

Sayandeb Bhattacharya is an actor and the artistic director of SmaranniK Bangalore. . He has been invited to 8 International/ National Theatre Festivals. Sayandeb started  his theatrical  journey very young under many theatre veterans.

Soumyajit  Ghosh  works  as  an  actor and the light/music operator at SmaranniK Bangalore. He has worked with lights and music for 4 plays. He has also acted in 2 plays that have been selected in 3 major int'l / national theatre Festivals.

Nilanjana Chakraborty is an Instructional Designer by passion. She enjoys all forms of performing and visual arts. She has over 18 years of experience in the field  of development focused  on creating  online multimedia courses.
Annie George is a corporate lawyer by training. After thirty years in the corporate world, she quit early last year and now works with underprivileged children.     She loves theatre, music, reading  and traveling.
Sudipto Das is an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, he currently works as the VP (Engg.) with Mirafra Technologies. He has a special interest in history, culture, language, writing and music. Sudipto is the member of Kohal, an amateur music band. 

“Sihi Kahi” Chandru is an accomplished author, actor, director and producer for television and cinema. He is particularly known for his comic roles in films and in over 300 plays in Kannada and English. Chandru is the host of Bhojanapriya, one of the most popular cookery shows on television.

Priyanka Bhattacharya is a techie by profession. Theatre is her passion. She has acted in 6 plays and managed the production of 12 plays for SMARANIK. She has featured in 8 major theatre festivals across India.
Madhusree Baral works as a language teacher. She is an accomplished singer of Rabindra Sangeet, having trained under legendary exponent, Late Suchitra Mitra. She has performed extensively as a singer and as an actor. 

Dipayan  Banerjee  has  worked  in  the IT industry for over five years now. He is a passionate singer and a guitarist. Dipayan is trained in Rabindra Sangeet and also in Hindustani Classical music. His hobbies  include  theatre and  pho- tography ( nature and macro).


Sagnik  Sinha  is  a  Software Engineer in Foodie, actor, singer, cook, feminist, and programmer are some of his other identities. His passions also include  literature, cinema, and  theoretical  computer  science.  His dream is to travel around the world.

Sangeeta Ghoshal ran  her own ad agency for many years. As a painter she was an abstract expressionist. Her education in English and Comparative Literature has complemented  her theatre activities as an actor, translator, and an artistic designer at Forum-Three.


Shampa Nath holds a master’s degree in Modern History from Jadhavpur University and a diploma in Interior Designing. She presently  works as a high school teacher. She loves to cook and writes travelogues for newspapers.


Darwin Patrick is a classical pianist who has trained under  the renowned  artist Ms. Nalini Suryavanshi. He has completed his Grade 8 from Trinity College, London. At present he is scoring music for a Bollywood movie.

Mitankar Das Sarkar worked as a lecturer in an Engineering college before shifting to Bangalore. He works in the IT industry. His passions include music, cooking, reading and of course acting. With theatre group ENAD, Mitankar has acted in two plays.

Satyarup Siddhanta is a mountaineer of international fame. A stage magician in the making, A member of ABETO - A BEtter TOmorrow Foundation, he works for Brady Corporation. His mission: Climbing 7 toughest mountains in 7 continents. And he is almost there.